In addition to actions that are reported in the various investor initiatives featured on this platform, investors are carrying out other actions to address climate change risk and opportunity. A voluntarily disclosed list of actions appears in the table below.


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Name of fund Country Assets under management Category of the activity Describe the activity
Wespath Investment Management United States 20865 Engage, Reinforce The General Board of Pension and Health Benefits of the United Methodist Church and its investments division, Wespath Investment Management, is taking multiple steps to address climate risk and opportunities within its portfolios. Its public policy engagements support climate-related policies and regulatory initiatives that Wespath believes will improve the sustainability and performance of its investments. Activities in 2015 include: a joint investor letter to the Premier of Alberta, Canada regarding the state’s climate change policies; support for the Global Investor Statement on Climate Change; a letter to the National Association of Governors regarding implementation of the Carbon Pollution Standards and a joint investor letter to G7 Finance Ministers supporting long-term carbon emissions reductions goals. Wespath’s corporate engagement program encourages companies to position themselves strategically to prosper in a lower-carbon economy by: conducting climate change-related scenario planning for potential regulatory changes affecting business plans and core operations; implementing energy efficiency measures and disclosing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Wespath’s recent engagements with the oil and gas sector include: Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exelon, ExxonMobil, Valero, and Suncor. Since 2012, Wespath has also evaluated its external equity asset managers on their integration of ESG issues, including climate change, into investment decision-making. Managers are assessed and benchmarked to their peers with expectations and guidance for ongoing improvement.
University of California and TIAA-CREF United States 709000 Reallocate A new U.S. clean energy investment initiative, the Aligned Intermediary (AI), has already raised $1.2 billion in commitments of private capital for investment in climate change solutions. The AI was launched at the White House and responds to President Obama\'s call in June 2015 for the private sector to help lead the global fight against climate change. The initial group of long-term investors who have joined the AI include a $500 million commitment for the University of California and $100 million from TIAA-CREF. More information at

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